Hi lovelies,


I am obsessed with these pins from Ziggit they are so fun and the possibilities are endless. They come in different colours and they even have cute emojis perfect to personalize all your accessories and clothing.

I played around with a couple of different letters and took my accessories to another level. So much fun!


Proudly made in Montreal, our Ziggit pins and Zicon emoticon pins allow you to customize anything from a shoelace to a bra strap with fun and expressive letters, numbers, and symbols. These slick little fashion accessories are now available for purchase online and come in a variety of stylized, ready-made kits with three different colors to choose from, depending what mood you’re in. They can also be purchased piece-by-piece, and for those who know exactly what it is they want to tell the world, our site allows you to type in any message you like, to create your very own custom Ziggit kit. Also choose from an entertaining array of multicolored Zicon emoticon pins with which to punctuate your statements.





IMG_9353 IMG_9355