Hi lovelies,

Today I want to share one of the highlights of my year. THESE GIRLS!

Meeting this inspiring group of girls who always keep it real and have brought so much joy and laughter to my life. I cant thank them enough for being so great to me.

So it goes a little like this… Some of them were already friends and I certainly knew them on IG but for me everything started with a pool party at my house, after that, we kept running into each other at blogger events and we enjoyed each others company so much that we started making brunch plans, inviting more girlies to come in to the mix and next thing your know we are taking each others photos, sharing our stories and talking about all the things we have in common. and challenges we face everyday.

This is a group of women with amazingly creative minds and we all share very similar passions. We all go through similar experiences in this crazy blogger life so I believe is so important to support and encourage each other as we are all in this together. There is no room for drama . I cant wait to see what the next year has in store for us!

I am also very excited to meet other creative minds in  the new year and bring our community together even more!

Photography by Cleland Studios 

Featured below: 

Sabrina Stavenjord from @my.miaou

This girl is funny, gorgeous, has an incredible sense of style and aesthetic. She also makes the most amazing bake goods on the planet! She also gives me sass when I need to be put in my place and we share the same sense of humour which means, lots and lots of  laughs. I adore her kindness and grace.

Eleni Kyri from @bijuleni

This girl is basically a disney princess that escaped from a story book. She is oh so sweet and cute and everything you see on her Instagram page is an exact representation of her style and personality. She is feminine, classy and little bit smart-assy which again I love! We “bicker” constantly and she always keeps me on my toes and surprises me with her wit.

Gabriella Pacifico from @gabpacifico

This girl is such a sweet and soft spoken soul. She is a great listener and is very thoughtful. I love her creativity. She is oh so feminine and has been so supportive since we’ve met. I love her kindness and of course her sense of style. She is a lovely free spirit and there is something about her that always puts me at ease when we are together.

Tara Leydon from @taraleydon

This girl is the gift that keeps on giving. She is the funniest soul and every time I see her she brings out a side of me that makes me laugh and gets me in trouble. I CANNOT stop laughing with her. We talk about the things we love including our love for designer goodies and cocktails. We have promised each other a proper cocktail girls night very soon!

Kristin Pittman from @thedelilahblog

This girl is so down to earth, sweet and so real. She also has the most beautiful eyes I’ve ever seen. I always bug her an tell her they’re not real (Im still unsure) She’s a true pleasure to have around! I admire her ability to hustle and get shit done. She threw a gorgeous event for us earlier this year and her kindness and talent impressed me and inspired me to say the least.

Joelle Anello from @lapetitenoob

This girl is my pretty in pink. What can I say about this gorgeous queen. She is funny, smart and again, we have the same sense of humor so we get each other so well and theres not a day we hang out when we are not dying laughing about something. Just like she recently said, probably about ourselves.

Jackie Godhar from @jackmise

This girl is sweet and super creative. A hustler who’s such an inspiration. She always has the sweetest smile on her face. I had been following her on IG way before I got a chance to meet her in person and I can honestly tell you she did not disappoint. She is just as real, beautiful and supportive as the Jackie you see everyday on IG.

Kaylee Giffin from @theblondielocks

This girl is super sweet and has a great sense of style.We have just met but I have been following this cutie for a while. She recently got engaged! So happy for her and this amazing  new adventure!

Saffinaz from @thegreycanvas

This girl is elegant and has a great sense of style. She’s about to have her twin babies who are about to come into this world and change her life forever! Cant wait to see what this new year will bring her!


Sabrina Stavenjord from @my.miaou and Eleni Kyri from @bijuleni

Always a great time at Planta Restaurant in Toronto. Thank for hosting our Holiday Blogger Event!



Gabriella Pacifico from @gabpacifico ,Tara Leydon from @taraleydon and Eleni Kyri from @bijuleni

Kristin Pitman  from @thedelilahblog 

Joelle Anello from @lapetitenoob

Jackie Godhar from  @jackmise

Gabriella Pacifico from  @gabpacifico 

Eleni Kyri from @bijuleni


Kaylee Giffin from  @theblondielocks



  1. December 28, 2016 / 2:01 pm

    Rebecca! You are the sweetest thing on this earth. I am so happy we’ve grown to get to know one another and our online relationship has turned into a real life friendship. 2017 is going to be so exciting and I can’t wait for many more fun times ahead! You are a beautiful soul, my dear!!!

    xx Gabriella

    • January 23, 2017 / 12:23 am

      Thanks babe!Cant wait to hang out!

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