Hi lovlies,

I had the opportunity to escape to beautiful Blue Mountain with 2 of m friends gaby from @gabpacifico and Joelle from @Lapetitenoob . I truly needed some girl  time and also a break for me from my family – Let’s face it as much as we love and adore are families, we all burn out and need a little time away.
Connecting with my friends – There is nothing like getting together with your good girlfriends who you feel comfortable with. Girlfriends have a way of knowing how to compliment you just the right way and will tell you if an outfit does not look right. They don’t mind if you vent or complain and will laugh and cry with you.
Teaching my daughter the value of good friendships – As my daughter gets older, I want her to understand and appreciate the value of good friendships and learn that it takes work to maintain these relationships. I want my daughter to aspire to have a good group of life long friends that know and understand her better than anyone and when she has her own family, I want her to make the time for these special friendships.


We had the opportunity to visit  Blue Mountain resort back in February and had the best time!

From snow shoe hiking, to fabulous food from local vendors,,, to snow boarding. This place has it all

We also got to experience to visit the spa which was quite amazing!

Visual story below!