Skin to win!

Today I am sharing my favorite skincare products from Dermalogica.

I had the opportunity to have an amazing facial at their headquarters in Toronto.

I spent about 2 hours being treated and having my skin mapped to target specific problem areas. I am embarrassed to say I haven’t been taking care of my skin as much as I should. It was so helpful to have a professional look at my skin thoroughly and recommend products based on her analysis.

I left my appointment feeling refreshed and my skin was glowing! I have been trying Dermalogica products for a couple of months now and I have seen the results! It is not always easy when life gets busy but it is so worth it to take the time and add our skincare to our daily routine.

Cleaning is number one! I used to remove my makeup with wipes because it was so convenient but after trying cleaning my face after using the wipes, I realized how much it was left behind.

My routine now includes the following products:

Pre-cleansing wipes are perfect when you are on the go but I always use them before my Special Cleansing Gel which is great for all skin types and its very light but gets the job done!

Scrub scrub scrub! I learned that exfoliating is not only important to open up your pores and get rid of dirt and makeup residue but it leaves the skin feeling oh so soft. My go-to is the Multivitamin Thermafoliant.

Toning up! My toner is the Multi-Active Toner which hydrates and refreshes the skin right before you moisturize.

For my eyes I use the Total Eye Care with SPF15 which helps fight dark circles.

I have been sticking to this routine which takes me a total of 5 minutes every night and I spend about 2 minutes in the morning and it is definitely worth it.

Other products in my visual story below.










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