Hi lovelies,

Some of you might know this by now but every month I try to organize a super blogger brunch and celebrate with some local blogger friends from Toronto.. Its becoming something I look forward to and I am so so happy to be a part of.

This time, our blogger brunch took place at Lavelle which is located in the heart of downtown Toronto.

Beautiful, elegant, sophisticated, delicious food and excellent service. And.. Did I mention there is also a gorgeous pool? I cannot wait to host another event in the summer… its going to be BANANAS!

This was the perfect setting for our brunch and I was so happy to spread the love with my colleagues.

I cant say this enough, bloggers are creative, hard working individuals that put so much time and love into what they do. Some have full time job and other gigs, some  do this full time. No matter the circumstance, every piece of content they put out there is made to entertain, inspire and motivate others to feel and dot the same. I have made so many friendships I cherish because at the end of the day, we are all in this together.

Everyone comes from different backgrounds, everyone has a story to tell. I believe that there is room for all types of creativity, whatever is your thing and makes you happy, DO IT!

I believe as a community, we should respect and encourage each other without judgement. The more we celebrate each other, the stronger we’ll become.

Now , back to the brunch, I had the opportunity to meet so many new faces… We had 50 bloggers this time! And I couldn’t all the love and happiness in the room. You could just feel it. I am 36 now and so my time is very valuable and so I like to surround myself with people that bring light and joy to my life. Good vibes only!

We enjoyed a yummy breakfast filled with carbs, goodie bags, photos and lots of laughs.

Lets see what the next one brings.

I want to thank all my lovelies who attended for supporting this initiative, I love you guys. I learn so much from you every day and even though I don’t get to spend as much time with you as I would like, I feel your support and love and please know I feel the same way about you. Much love!

Once again, I want to thank all my partners who made this event incredible!

Wild North Flowers

Cake Beauty


Moroco Chocolat


Sally Hansen

Sunglass LA 

Nest Fragrances 

C’est la puf 








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