I could easily say there are no words to describe our visit to Half Moon Resort but I have plenty!

This was the most romantic, secluded, relaxed visit filled with the best food Jamaica has to offer, top quality amenities and service so lets get started….

This was our first time to Jamaica and our first time travelling without our daughter Paula who is now 17. We arrived at the majestic Half Moon Resort located in Montego Bay around 3pm and as soon as we got off the plane, we felt the vibes, there are no other words to describe it, only the most relaxed vibes, the smiles on people faces, their beautiful accents and the ease in which they handle themselves. Nothing is impossible, you will rarely hear a “no” you can’t do that or you can’t get it. Its always a warm, reassuring and enchanting YA MAN.

We were welcomed by the staff and they quickly checked us in while taking us to our private villa in the Royal Quarters.

The hotel is set on 400 acres with two miles of beachfront. Over 50 pools across the grounds and the largest and most amazing spa I have seen to to date. Fern Tree Spa

There is also an equestrian center with 28 horses and lots and lots of doggies which was heavenly, and the Sugar Mill which has been awarded as Jamaica’s best restaurant. The restaurant is located up on a hill so you need to hop on the hotel’s shuttle for a couple of minutes to get there. The patio is surrounded by old trees, cobble stoned walls and grounds. Flowers everywhere and plenty of space to look around and take it all in. Our dining experience there was excellent, we had grilled shrimp, steak and delicious cocktails served with the biggest smiles from the lovely staff. We also had the opportunity to chat with the chef who walked us through his recipe development process, sourcing and of course, inspiration. Bringing the best of the Caribbean cuisine together on a plate. My favorite drink was the Mango Colada.

The Seagrape Terrace restaurant was another hit. We ate breakfast there daily. It is located right in front of the beach and again, there is so much space to walk around and have privacy all across the hotel. This restaurant was no exception. They offered a delicious buffet, a variety of fresh juices (Made lots of mimosas) and priceless views of the ocean. The live nightly entertainment also takes place at this restaurant. We also had the opportunity to enjoy a private romantic dinner and spoke to the chef about her amazing creations. Candle lights, flowers, it was perfection! Oh, there was also Gavin, my husband ha!

Seriously, we never had a honeymoon and have been together for 12 years so to say this was the perfect getaway for two is a huge understatement.

We were able to relax, sit back and enjoy each others company. We chatted about our home, our little one, Paula, work and our two dogs. We always make plans for the future and make fun of each other. These are all trivial things but I never underestimate how valuable they are. Sometimes we take things for granted and loose sight of what really matters. Time matters, the people you love matter. Above all.

One of the highlights of this trip was the amazing spa Fern Tree. You could spend a full day there. It is huge and has a handful of private and relaxing pools surrounded by trees, waterfalls and there is such peace, you never want to leave. We enjoyed a couple’s massage and outdoor tub after with a bottle of champs. I considerer myself a workaholic so I am always on work mode. This was the first time in a looong time. I was able to let go and just relax. What a treat!

I was able to cross the Martha Brae River off my bucket list. I had always wanted to ride a raft and take it all in. The river was about 25 min from the hotel which was very convenient. I was in tears when we arrived and after being welcomed by the lovely staff, they set us up for success with a bottle of JAMAICAN PUNCH, another favorite of mine. And off we went. Messan, our raft captain, was the loveliest man. We chatted, sang together and laughed a lot. The whole experience is a must when you’re visiting Montego Bay.

I want to thank the staff at Half Moon Jamaica for welcoming us and making us feel so special. For taking care of every single detail and always greeting us with a big smile.

I learned so many things from my trip to Jamaica, to relax, to sit back and really find meaning in some of their daily lingo: FULL JOY, RESPECT, ONE LOVE

Until next time Jamaica, you stole my heart….

Here is my visual story.