Hi lovelies,

It is no secret that Joelle from @lapetitenoob and I are besties. We love spending time together, we both have the exact same sense of humour and are always making fun of each other and most importantly, making fun of ourselves.

We have had so many amazing experiences together and share the same passions and face the same challenges but every time we are together we laugh until our bellies hurt. We have been lucky enough to have travelled together recently and our bond became even stronger. I truly love Joelle’s sense of style, her wit and her mother! She is the best!

There is nothing like playing dress up with your bestie especially because we both have completely different styles, so when we both got the opportunity to partner up with Lacoste and Brown Shoes, we jumped at the chance!

We got to style our super cute pink Lacoste running shoes available at Brown Shoes   and had a blast together as always.  They are super comfortable and also come in white. We chose the pink ones because its a very neutral tone that pretty much go with everything in your wardrobe. We paired them with dresses, midi skirts and jeans.

Here is to besties, to friendship, to belly pain from laughing and to embracing our flaws and celebrating each other!

I hope you enjoy our visual story!







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