Hi my lovelies, today I want to start a conversation that we need to be having with ourselves, our partners and our friends.

Orgasm inequality is more common that we think, especially when it comes to women.

There are so many reasons why orgasms are so important to women, from stress relief to boosting testosterone levels.


Also, sex does the body good. You can still burn some calories but, the benefits go beyond fat loss. When you think about sex, you’re probably not considering all the ways it’s elevating your health and wellness. We don’t blame you. It’s not as sexy as, well, sex; but you should know that an orgasm can seriously benefit you mentally and physically—beyond a surface-level “It feels really good” way. Sex can reduce your stress, help you live longer, and keep your body functioning optimally.   

Sometimes women don’t feel comfortable opening up to their partners about the fact that they don’t get to fully enjoy their intimate experience and end up settling, which is not fair, as sex should be full of enjoyment for both parties! Durex conducted a survey and 61% of men questioned achieve orgasm every time they engage in sexual activity, while 76% of women do not. Clearly women need to start speaking up and having a conversation to their partners. How do you get started? One way to approach is to be honest with yourself and ask: What do I get out of this? How do I go about it and how do I bring it up?

I got together with my friends Chloe Sugar  and Alexandra Nicolajev and discussed just how common these issues are. You can check out their very own blog posts: Chloe’s and Alexandra’s 

Shockingly, 54% of women do not feel completely comfortable talking to their partner about the best way to help them achieve orgasm. One of my recommendations would be to have a casual conversation before getting intimate or at a time where you and your partner are relaxed. You can always talk to your partner about incorporating new things to make the experience more pleasurable.  You will be surprised at how open your partner will be if you propose introducing something new into your intimate life. It is nothing distracting or invasive.

For example, if you need a little help, the new Durex Intense Orgasmic Gel is designed to intensify sensation. Its formula is designed specifically for female pleasure to bring sensual warming, cooling or tingling sensations that will intensify the sexual experience for both of you.

Over 80% of women in a test achieved an orgasm using Durex Intense Orgasmic Gel.

Sex is a beautiful, healthy part of our relationship so let’s get started and enjoy sex as we all should!

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