Talk about the ultimate summer celebration! I had the chance to host a super fun party with my friends and La Marca Prosecco and we had an absolute blast!

We had a mimosa bar, lots of Prosecco for everyone and of course, sun, pool, laughs and delicious pizza from Pizzaiolo.

If you know me a little bit by now, you must know throwing parties is one of my favorite things in the world. I love experiences, celebrating other people that inspire me and motivate me to become a better person. Life is too short so my mantra has always been work hard, party harder!

I have been a fan of La Marca Prosecco for a while now and its become my favorite go-to drink for parties and get togethers with friends. We had a chance to mix it up with some orange juice, cranberry juice and fresh fruit and everyone made their very own mimosas.

We had a super cute bartender, a great DJ playing latin beats (My fave) and my favorite photographer and fellow Salvadorian, Mauricio Calero.

This is the first of many parties we will be hosting at our home. Nothing makes me happier than having my family and beloved friends under one roof. I cant quite explain it but it feels like my entire world is with me and there is no stopping me.

I want to thank all my babes who attended for making it such a great event, to Guess for dressing me with the dress below which is my latest obsession, to Marc Jacobs Beauty, Cake Beauty and Maui Hair products for providing amazing product to my guests.

Thank so so much to La Marca Prosecco for giving us the perfect start to the summer #makeeverydaysparkle and cheers to more amazing days to come!



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