rogers cup with national bank

This was definitely one of the highlights of my summer. I had the opportunity to attend the Rogers Cup which was sponsored by National Bank with my husband and we had an absolute blast!

From the moment we arrived we were dying with excitement as we were in for a treat! We got to go on opening day and watch Venus Williams play! talk about a dream come true.

This was the perfect date night as we stopped by the National Bank Lounge and patio for some drinks and fun games.

The match was amazing despite the rainy weather we got to enjoy it until the end.

We ended the evening with some delicious dinner at the Infinity VIP Lounge which was the perfect end to our date.

I love attending events like these as we get to support our local businesses and its always great to see such big names and tournaments take  place in our city. Stay tuned for more adventures with National Bank!



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