I don’t even know where to start with this experience. It has been one of the highlights of my year.

I had the opportunity to visit Freehand Miami and host a group of Miami bloggers and it was a dream come true in every possible way. First I want to thank every single person that made this an unforgettable experience. I met so many wonderful souls and truly experienced a sense of community like no other.

I arrived at the Freehand and was immediately taken back by its laid back and colorful landscape, every corner had something delightful to offer to the eyes, think antiques, 70’s inspired decor, wallpaper, palm trees, bright chairs and the perfect amount of trees surrounding the most lively patio I have ever been to. The Broken Shaker is the hotels bar which also offers a delicious menu. They also have a full restaurant called 27 Restaurant

At the back of the hotel, just behind the Broken Shaker, you will find a beautiful pool surrounded by colorful chairs, umbrellas, trees and of course, super chill guests just lounging around or talking to other people. This was one of my favorite things, everyone is friendly and are so happy to start a conversation, I met people from all kinds of backgrounds, amazing stories to tell. A lot of creative and free spirited people which is right up my alley. Ahh cant wait to come back.

This beautiful patio and pool transform at night to host guests and other patrons all night while you try the most delicious drinks, you can listen to the best music, its basically a party every night and the vibes are so good all around.

Our room was so spacious, it consisted of a living room and dining room area, kitchen, 2 bathrooms and a quad type room with 4 bunk beds which was one of the coolest things! It felt like a grown up camp with drinks ha!

Now, about the girls. This group couldn’t have been nicer and more fun, I am so happy to have met all my girls, Jocelyn, Daniella, Karol, Arantxa, Marissa, Yensy, Vanessa, Ailyn, Claudia, Annabel and Monica. A group of inspiring and creative women that have stolen my heart. They were all so sweet and supportive, it felt like we knew each other for years, we all have a great time, too many laughs, drinks, photos. I cant wait to come back and see you guys again!

We also had the chance to visit Nautilus Hotel which is located in South Beach. What a stunning location! right in front of the beach, this place was elegant, inviting and with the most beautiful garden which we made our hangout spot!

Lunch was amazing, we tried a little bit of everything, burgers, empanadas, quinoa salad, pizza, steak, corn and had so many delicious cocktails including “frozes” which were the groups favorite!

While hanging there we met some really cool people and chatted, listened to music, took photos it was a lovely day! Big shoutout to the crew Amanda, Tayo, Marvin, Joey and Rachelle, you guys were amazing and I cant wait to see you again and even work together!

We visited Sweet Liberty for Sunday brunch and spent about 4 hours there eating the most delicious food and drinks. There are hipster vibes all around, think neon lights, super vibrant red booths and colorful and vintage inspired decor. This is a place you want to visit for brunch and also stay until dinner and drinks after. We tried some delicious Shawarma Chicken Waffles, Tortilla Espanolas and Banana Toast.

We also went to Wynwood at night and checked out the night scene which was amazing! so many patios and good music, we went club hopping and every spot had something for everyone, Hip Hop, Latin beats and the whole strip is decorated with beautiful street art, murals (Perfect to shoot during the day)

This trip was definitely life changing. I experienced so much kindness, love, support and got to meet so many talented and inspiring people. I even thought of changing my flight a couple of times! All my fellow latina bloggers were the icing on the cake, Venezuela, Peru, Colombia, Nicaragua… it was such a positive, fun and inspiring trip. Thank you Miami I can’t wait to come back. I am in love!

I hope you enjoy my visual story.


Claudia Gomez

Monica Aguinaga

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