target perfexion with lise watier

How to target perfection you ask? To me is a combination of knowledge, preparation and efficiency. These are things I apply to my work and every day life. Here’s my review of Lise Watier’s PerfeXion Skincare line.

I always try to find ways to take care of my skin in the most efficient way. I am always on the go and even though I work from home, sticking to a beauty or skin care routine can be tricky.

Over time, stress and fatigue can cause your skin to lose its natural radiance and youthful appearance. Discover an anti-aging line that helps correct and reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and enlarged pores. Wrinkle prevention is a big one for me as I am 36 and I want to take care and help prevent these annoying things as much as I can.

What are cosmetic drones you ask? They are little helpers that help you target ONLY problem areas and treat them without touching other areas that do not need them.

The PerfeXion line provides your skin with a vanguard delivery system for active ingredients. This revolutionary system releases active ingredients exactly where needed, effectively reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

I had the opportunity to try the complete PerfeXion line for the last couple of months and I am amazed by seeing a reduction in my pores and finding my skin glowing and feeling super light and never oily. I suffer from oily skin so this was of course a concern at the very beginning but the products are so light on the skin they blend perfectly with my make up.

In terms of my routine, I have added them to my morning ritual which takes less than 5 min and at night which takes 3 min after I remove my makeup.

My two favorites are the Anti-aging eye cream corrector and the Anti-aging night cream corrector. I used them twice a day and as I mentioned I have seen a big improvement in my skin’s appearance.

I am sharing a video of my experience below: I hope you guys like it!


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