Holiday Celebrations with AMEX COBALT!

Oh the Holidays!

Not that we need an excuse to get together with friends and family but with all the anticipation and good energy that surrounds the holidays, it is impossible not to get excited and plan get-togethers at home.

This time around, I used my #AmexCobalt Card from American Express Canada to help me prepare for all my holiday party needs and earned 5x the points while doing so, which is literally the gift that keeps on giving!

I went grocery shopping and put together the ingredients for the perfect Italian meal. Got me some veggies, pasta, sauce and of course, cheese and meat for a charcuterie board. To top it off, gelato for dessert, flowers and decor to make my home look, feel and smell amazing!

Nothing like the smell of a home cooked meal when you visit somebody. Think candles, holiday music, the tree and some wine to make the get-together oh so special.

After preparing the meal, I had a chance to enjoy some quality time with my close friends to chat about the year, our goals for the future and of course take tons of photos of our party!

What’s next? I get to continue to shop, entertain and travel with the Amex Cobalt points I have accumulated and will continue to do, just by being ME!

Happy Holidays my lovelies, I hope you get to spend time with your loved ones!

Here is my visual story.


This post was sponsored by Amex Bank of Canada. The views and opinions expressed in this blog however, are purely my own.