Today I want to share a little bit more about  myself with you guys. I had the opportunity to stay at ONE KING WEST HOTEL a couple of days ago as I had been working so hard for the last 12 months I could feel my mind and body just asking for a break and a reset.

Its hard to admit sometimes when we are having trouble. I think the most important part is to admit it to ourselves and decide to do something about it.

I was overwhelmed with work, and as much as I am grateful for all the opportunities that come my way, sometimes  the perception that everything is perfect is far from the truth.

My instagram is a curated version of my life. I post photos of what inspires me, moves me, great experiences with family and friends and I do often times use those images a therapy. They help me see how far I have come and the life I have created for myself. Its very surreal to say the least however, it comes with a lot of work and sacrifice.

Today I wanted my blog to be about the importance of taking time to ourselves. “Me’ time is crucial and I cannot stress this enough. Even if its just 1 hour to yourself to do what you love the most or what relaxes you, it goes a long way. 

In this case, I decided to stay at One King West hotel and had the most relaxing birthday on my own because that was exactly what I need it. I still managed to see my friends and enjoyed time with them, but there was something about spending time in this beautiful suite on my own, enjoying the gorgeous view and appreciating every single thing the hotel offers. 

Things can be challenging with friends and family. Its hard to understand the hustle, the decisions we make. All I can hope for is that you read this and realize you are not alone and that we all go through ups ad downs. Sometimes it’s important to take a step back, unwind, recharge and come back even stronger. 

My stay and One King West, did just that! I feel ready for this new year  and I am excited for all the opportunities that are coming my way. I am ready to embrace them and enjoy them to the fullest!

Here is my visual story