Hi lovelies! Today I want to share my experience with Nair™ Sensitive Formula Coconut products, and let me tell you, they have been life changing so far!

Travelling is a big part of my life and since I usually visit warm places, shorts, mini skirts, dresses and swimwear are always a must, however, having to constantly shave and worry about bumps on my skin (So not cute) it’s always been a pain! literally.

I started shaving when I was 15 and have been relying on razors since and while they get the job done, dealing with the redness, ingrown hairs and having to do it so often (Sometimes every other day) has been part of my routine. Painful bumps and redness sometimes even bleeding in sensitive areas have been quite a challenge and something I thought I just had to deal with until I discovered Nair™ Sensitive Formula Coconut

These products are a quick and easy, soothing at-home hair removal solution that lasts longer than traditional shaving and can help you be at your best and ready for anything this summer and during any travels!

One of my favorite products is the NairTM Sensitive Formula Glides AwayTM with Coconut Oil and Vitamin E. To say I live a fast-paced life is an understatement, whether it’s client meetings, shoots and travel, I am always on the go. This deodorant-like application stick is a quick and gentle hair removal option for smooth, hair-free skin that  lasts up to 6 days. I have added some boomerangs so you know exactly how to use it although its very easy and straight forward!

SHOWER POWER TIP! Nair™ gently exfoliates skin in addition to removing hair. Try using NEW! Nair™ Shower Power™ Sensitive Formula Coconut to save time and get smooth, touchable skin straight out of the shower!

If you have sensitive skin and experience redness, itchiness and discomfort, I strongly recommend you Add Nair’s new Sensitive Formula Coconut lineup to your routine. After all, life is too short so why not be efficient, practical and enjoy without compromising!

QUICK TIP! Avoid waxing areas that have existing blemishes, cuts and abrasions. Wax in a clean, cool area – preferably the bathroom

Before I leave I want to help you with some tips when using all products:

Nair™ WAX READY-STRIPSTM with Nourishing Coconut Milk

  • Slowly separate the strips – no need for rubbing to warm the wax

  • Apply one of the way strips by pressing it down firmly onto the direction of hair growth

  • Hold skin taut with one hand and pull the strip off with the other – always pull in the opposite direction of hair growth

Nair™ Sensitive Formula Shower Power™ with Coconut Oil and Vitamin E

  • Apply outside of shower to dry skin

  • Dispense cream onto smooth side of sponge and cover hair with an even, thick layer of cream

  • Wait at least three minutes before showering and rinsing off cream

NEW! Nair™ Sensitive Formula Glides AwayTM with Coconut Oil and Vitamin E

  • Turn dial to dispense cream and smooth on a thick even layer onto skin

  • Leave the cream on for at least six minutes

  • Gently wipe off cream and hair with a damp washcloth

I hope you enjoy my visual story!





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