My lovelies, welcome and thanks for stopping by.

I want to share my absolute favorite trends and perhaps provide you with some inspiration on how to achieve a look that works with your personality, body type, budget and most importantly, your individual style.





Ive always been a fan of layering, mixing high and low pieces and unexpected accessories. Minimalist, I am not.

After all, this is what makes fashion oh so fun and unique, there are no rules, no fuck ups, only inspiration and the opportunity to create a look that works for you and makes you feel like gold honey. Yasss!

 I am not one to tell you what to do or not to do, I would never write a list of “dos and dont’s” or whats “in and out”  because who the f*ck am I to impose such silly boundaries, please!  At the end of the day, fashion is for YOU and you only, a way to express yourself, to try something new, to stick to what you know and perhaps add a twist? its your call which is so empowering and oh so fun!

Okay, so is no secret western is huge these days and I couldn’t be happier, I love me a hat and some funky shoes  so you can imagine how i am loving dressing up in statement colorful cowboy/girl boots, fringe and even dressing up my hats! Mind you, these are what I call statement pieces  I don’t wear all these pieces at once unless I am heading to a country fair or a Wynona concert… In any event, one super fun thing to do whenever there is a trend you love but are not sure how long is going to stick around is to hit the thrift stores or vintage stores.

I love mixing it up so the first stop is vintage and thrift store hunting! It is so thrilling if you are into that sort of treasure hunting so grab your bestie and hit Kensington Market if your’e in Toronto

It is very important that you manage your own expectations and know its going to take some time, imagination and patience to find your pieces.

I tend to look at pieces that catch my eye whether is a print or a color, i put the in the cart and I ALWAYS DO THIS: I take it to neutral environment where I can appreciate it on its own and see if its has potential, often times we get turned off by what is around it, so give it a shot and see if you can actually see yourself wearing that fringe jacket with those blue jeans your wearing and a white tee… Or that beautiful headscarf  with the bold print with an amazing pair of oversized earrings……  I think yes!

Will keep adding more pieces as I style and shoot!


Inspiration from the amazing Veronica Lake