Today I want to share my 9 month journey with my Endy Mattress. If he could talk, he would tell you we’ve spent more time together than we should have. He would say he never expected to have more people, dogs, laptops, meetings and even my family building forts in efforts to cheer me up, take care of me and help me get better. He would also say how many times he was my happy place to rest and heal as I was dealing with health issues which I am happy to share are now under part of the past.

He’d probably say I was working way too much, trying to do everything myself and how sometimes he became my office, dining room, movie theatre, boardroom and refuge along with tons of ice cream and chips.

While all those things might seem trivial to someone who works from home, I didn’t realize how my health was deteriorating and how little attention I was paying to him in terms of sleeping.

He also watched my two dogs Carmen and Bailey cuddle me, Paula coming to me to tell me about her day. All these tough times. I wish he had more spicy stories to tell but the truth is he couldn’t have come at a better time. I suffered pain and struggle yes, but I also decided to fight back with everything I had and of course the support of my family to get better and become my positive, energetic self again.

My story is a very personal yes, but I am sure I am not alone. This isn’t just a tale about sleeping and improving your habits which is all great but one thing I’ve learned for sure is you never know what goes on behind closed doors. You never know if the person next to you is struggling and maybe all the need is a hug or someone to listen to.

Back to my lessons: I taught myself new habits in order to get better and find not only health but balance so that I would never find myself in this situation again. My Endy mattress, sheets and pillows definitely helped my level of comfort. The pillows are like two little clouds waiting for me to rest and drift away. Also, when you have dogs, the quality of my bedding has to be top of the line as they love to cuddle but sometimes get frisky. Very happy to see they are still in amazing shape!

In life there are things we cannot control, and for that we must rely on our friends and family. Put out ego aside and ask for help. The thing we do control is how we go about our day, how we eat, how we interact with others, how far a smile and a positive attitude can go and most importantly, how to break unhealthy habits and train ourselves to say “no” and put ourselves first, to eat properly and indulge when appropriate, to put away that laptop and watch documentaries with my husband or force Paula to watch scary movies with me.

Today, I am pretty sure my mattress would tell you I spend less time with him and more out and about making great things happen. I think he’s proud of how far I’ve come since the first night we spent together. He would tell you I come to him when I am ready to decompress and fully rest. I work at this every day but he sees my efforts. I am happy to have him in my life and I am so thankful for how much comfort and peace he has brought to my life. Yes, him. My mattress. Does not get any more personal than that.