Today I am writing a very special post that is very near and dear to my heart. If you know me or have been following me for a while, you probably know how much I love dogs and how much I love my two angels Carmen & Papa.  I adopted Papa when he was weeks old and Carmen came 6 years later. They are like my children and I love them beyond words. They’re both so different, Papa is grumpy almost 13, deaf and does not give a f*ck if he offends anybody or invades their personal space. He is extremely territorial and possessive when it comes to yours truly, his Mama.

Carmen on the other hand, is a sweetheart, always game and ready to please. She loves to cuddle and is chill as can be. As different as they are, it is hard to imagine my life without them. 

I also founded The Wishbone Project which is a non profit organization that provides advertising, marketing and consulting services to dog rescue centres and shelters. 

That brings me to my partnership with Team Plover, they are a brand that provides help to dogs in need of adoption, a new home and a new life away from the pain of being abandoned and needing to be rescued.

WHAT MAKES THEM SO AMAZING? Team Plover dog collars or leashes help to bring a dog in need to a loving home every purchase comes with a short video showing you the dog that you helped rescue. How incredible is that? 

These handmade dog accessories are cause driven, made with purpose and intention. Now, that is something I can definitely stand behind.

They are hosting an awesome GIVEAWAY on their Instagram page so make sure to check them out and show them support as we need more organizations like this in this world.

Not only will your pooch look stylish and cool but you will know that you have helped change the life and rescued an angel who deserves a second chance at happiness and a family for life.

A little more about Team Plover:

“These handmade dog collars and leashes create real life rescue stories and come with a video of the exact dog you helped! It’s one of the many reasons they are the favorite gift to give and receive by many dog lovers.

When you shop Team Plover you help a dog in need, reach a loving home through our rescue transportation giveback program. For every product sold, we commit to transporting one dog in need (Ex. a dog in a high-kill shelter, a stray living on the streets), on one leg of their “freedom ride” to a loving home. The exact distance funded through your purchase depends on which product you buy (varies by product from 20 – 80 km). And with your purchase of a Team Plover collar or leash you’ll get a short video showing the exact dog you helped!

Let’s make dogs in need of help more accessible to loving homes. Shop Team Plover today and join our movement to create a world where every dog has a loving home.”