Hi lovelies,


Today I want to talk about the importance of supporting one another. this goes beyond a catch phrase, beyond a quote. This means actually waking the walk and supporting other women in business, in life and in any other way we can.

I am raising my daughter who is now almost 21 to be compassionate, supportive and to lead by example. I have a lot of women in my life that are a true inspiration and have become big cheerleaders and supported me through the great times and the bad ones also.

There is room for everyone and together we can accomplish so much more. This is why partnering up with THE GIRL GANG was an easy choice as their main purpose is to support women in business  in Canada,

I am featuring some of their goodies like the GRL GNG Hoodie and pants which are super comfy and cozy!

Their eye mask which its mean to help those puffy eyes. You put it in the freezer and then place in on your eyes and the cooling helps with any bags and makes you feel nice and smooth

The peach bath bombs not only smell amazing but they are always so fun to use and make great gifts

The Peach and Prosecco candle from Wick and Bear also smells delicious! I love their brand and other candle scents

Finally, the “PEACHY B*TCH” Mug is not only hilarious but oh so cute!

I enjoyed a nice bath bomb, lit up my candle, had some of my favorite tea in my new mug and used my eye mask while in the tub. Talk about self care and me time which is oh so important!

Once I was done, I cozied up in my sweats and watched tv for a little bit before passing out from being so relaxed.

Please remember, you need to put yourself first, before you are able to give to others.

Hope you enjoy my visual story.