Today I am sharing some of my favorite pieces from Mevva, a  minimalist Jewelry company based in New York and made my artisans. 

Their pieces are fun, elegant and can transform an outfit into a sophisticated look in seconds. 

Most importantly, the materials are ethically sourced, sustainable and all the craftsmanship is what adds so much value to this brand I have fallen in love with. 

These are some of the pieces I chose and I absolutely love them all 

The Herringbone Necklace is sleek, classic, minimalist and so light. 

Tube Hoop Earrings are delicate and light to wear which is something I love when it comes to earrings 

The Adjustable Dome Ring A very popular design, fits every style and its a great accent on its on or combined with other pieces 

The Open Chunky Dome Wide Ring, another favourite piece, it is quite the statement maker when it comes to the minimalist style. I love its versatility 

The Coco Crush Ring is absolutely beautiful and it’s a great addition to a hand full of rings or it can shine on its own! 

The Rope Chain Bracelet is a 24k gold plated brass piece with a lot of versatility. I love wearing it with my watch or on its own, or combined with other bracelets. It is minimalist, classic and it truly embodies the essence of the brand and its vision.

I hope you enjoy my visual story