Hello my lovelies, today I want to introduce a new brand that has come into my home and made such a difference and positive impact when it comes to getting rest comfortably and in great style. Camelus Home 

Camelus is the first brand to introduce 100% natural camel hair wool duvets to North American market. Their high quality duvets, have international OECO-TEX certification and are presented in 3 sizes : King size, queen size, Twin size, but we can also make a duvet for any size that you wish so customization is available which is a great plus!

Thri duvets are made at a special processing plant. The factory uses new technologies in wool processing, after processing 10 kg of wool, we receive only 3 kg of pure fluff, it is extremely soft and light in weight.  If you compare other duvets that use wool, there would be clear differences in the quality of filling.

I want to note that do love their camels, and gently brush them to collect hair during shedding season. In order to preserve the useful properties of the material as much as possible, they do not subject camel hair to coloring and additional processing. This is an ethical way of sourcing materials without hurting any animals which is something I can definitely get on board with!

To learn more on how we manufacture our duvets you can watch this video: How we make our duvets. |CAMELUSHOME| – YouTube

Now lets talk about their properties and how useful they are: 

They are warm and temperature regulated (meaning you can use them all year round). Due to the low thermal conductivity, the duvet maintains the desired temperature inside no matter what the temperature is in the room. The duvets are also super  light, soft and hypoallergenic.

In addition to the therapeutic effect, there is also a relaxing benefit, sound sleep, relax muscles, calm the nervous system after a hard stressful day, restoring the skin after cosmetics, stop the nervous itching and create all conditions for serene sleep.

You can shop from their  official site and Etsy Store.

Use the code  CAMELUS10 for 10% off  I hope you enjoy your duvet and make the most of it at home while enjoying a nice quality sleep!