Let’s Celebrate!

Had an amazing experience and celebration with my ARMURE BEAUTY BIRTHDAY ESCAPE BOX it was absolutely incredible! Sharing more birthday love from @armurebeauty and their birthday box which is part of their escape boxes perfect for any occasion including NYE! The birthday escape box comes with the most thoughtful goodies which are perfect for a day of relaxing and pampering yourself! From a bottle of bubbly to popcorn, bath rose petals and salts and face masks to music and movie playlists, candle and tea, I mean, everything about this box is done with such attention to detail and I wish you could smell all feel the products as they are amazing and created locally by a boss mom and daughter duo!


Here is more information and photos about the goodies in the box!

Armure Beauty has created the perfect escape box to celebrate any occasion or special monument!
Our Celebrate box is meant to create a blissful experience with everything from playlist, to self care to even great movie recommendations!
The box includes
⁃ A signature Armure Beauty Candle for beautiful aromas and to set the mood!
⁃ Check out our Just us Babes Playlist on Spotify to listen to some tunes
⁃ Our pretty woman bath soak is perfect for relaxing
⁃ Add the silk roses to the tub for a luxe experience
⁃ Give your body the perfect hydrating scrub with our Beautify Scrub made with grapefruit and honey! Wash off using the reusable loofah
⁃ Give yourself a facial using The Glow French Pink Clay Mask
⁃ Before using our face mask start with a clean face using Beauty Face Cleanser with hyaluronic acid because we deserve to glow on our special day!
⁃ Rejuvenate your skin using our Youth Dew Serum with 24k gold flakes, Olive Squalane and Marula
⁃ Indulge in our signature Body Decadence Rosehip Body Oil for an uplifting hydrating experience! Bonus can also be used for massages!
⁃ Moisturize with one of our specialty lip balms pop the champagne or let’s celebrate (p.s – the let’s celebrate lip balm has exfoliating elements which can also help temporarily plump lips)
⁃ Sit back and relax with some snacks like Eatable pop the champagne popcorn or add some champagne beard to your champagne for a bubbly treat
⁃ Check out our Netflix recommendations and bask in joy and happiness!
⁃ If you feel like you have would like to wind down and relax or need something for the morning after enjoy a cup of our loose leaf uplift tea!