Rebeca Zavaleta is a publicist and travel blogger from Toronto. She founded Wishbone & Clover in July 2015 as a creative outlet to express her obsessions and personal style. Rebeca curates her daily style and life to inspire and motivate others. In addition to her blog and Instagram account she is the Creative Director and founder of Wishbone & Clover Media, a boutique consulting agency that provides content creation and styling services to brands and individuals. She has over 16 years of experience in the marketing industry, specializing in digital and social media platforms. She has a degree in fashion management and communication studies and she is able to merge all of her passions: Creating content, telling a story and strategizing on the best way to bring it to life in the most organic way. 
She also founded the Wishbone Project with the objective of bringing awareness on dog adoption and rescue programs for animals in deplorable situations around the world. Her goal is to work with Dog shelters and other rescue organizations in order to give these beautiful creatures the home and family they deserve.
“Life isn’t always easy, we all go through ups and downs. I truly believe in the power of kindness, persevering, giving back and lifting others. I hope I can inspire others to do the same” 
Her motto: 

For enquiries please contact: rebeca@wishboneandclover.com